Monday, August 7, 2017

Time to wiggle those toes...why?

Did you celebrate yesterday?

August 6, Wiggle Your Toes Day is about…toes! Toes are unique to a person and need airing and exercising. But that’s not what this blog is about. Read on.

What it’s really all about

When my two boys were growing up, they involved in so many activities that we seemed to stay in the car constantly shuttling from one to another. Finally, I said, “Enough!” Each boy could choose two activities, and the rest could take a hike. They seemed relieved to have permission to slow down.

Not long after that, I was talking to one of those mothers whose children must always be the best and in the forefront of all things. She detailed with great pride how many activities her children were involved in. I listened politely and then observed, “I think kids need time to lie on the top bunk and wiggle their toes.” She looked at me as if I’d uttered heresy. But I knew I’d made the right decision for my children and myself.

The never-ending story

Still, I lived at break-neck pace for years even after my boys grew up. Still working, now responsible for ill and aging parents who lived several hundred miles away, I juggled trying to earn a living with trying to do the very best I could for my parents. It wasn’t easy--but I’m not alone in having faced that mind-boggling dilemma.

Even after I retired, within two weeks I found myself the caretaker of a newborn three days a week. Not that I didn’t adore my first and only grandchild and glory in the very miracle of her existence, but I’d hardly had time to unpack. In fact, I was still unpacking, but that task became relegated to the hours she napped or the days I didn’t have her. After 18 months, I had to say, “Enough”, much as I’d done years earlier with her father.

Even now I sometimes have to give myself permission to lie on the top bunk and wiggle my toes figuratively speaking. I stay busy, but that busyness has evolved into a pleasant routine reminiscent of summers of my childhood: What needs to be taken care of gets done, and the rest of the day is mine with no apologies.


As of this week, with the final ms of The Legacy of Diamond Springs off to an editor, I’m keeping a promise to my oldest son--and to myself--to spend at least the next six months returning to long-neglected genealogy. Organizing, prioritizing research, doing the actual research will fill my days completely. I’ve written (seriously for publication) for ten years. Writing, rewriting, editing, deadlines, formatting what was indie-pubbed, marketing...time-consuming to the max.

 Now it’s time to take a break for the other pastime which I’ve always enjoyed.

It’s definitely time to wiggle my toes. 

In the Future…

I’ll still be blogging three days a week right here at The Word Place and continue to post the monthly “free reads” on my website. Publishing progress reports for The Legacy of Diamond Springs will be available. Expect some character profiles, the “story behind the story”,  and eventually a free chapter or two. The idea for an additional good news blog is still percolating, so stay tuned.


I still need you to weigh in on a name for the male protagonist of the aforementioned book. Go here for the original blog--more about the character and “what’s in it for you”!

Also visit my website for this month’s free read, “The Face of Love”.

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