Wednesday, August 9, 2017

Organizing on the cheap...

Browsing through old blogs looking for one I wanted to recycle, I found one on “Something for Everyone” posted as part of my “Resources for Writers” Series back in 2010. But just as I was about to nab it, I realized all the tips were out of date except for one, which I’ll repost here along with some new ones.

Organizing 101 on the cheap

  • Writers can be the most disorganized and also the most organized people around. Usually it’s somewhere in between. Here are some ideas which have worked very well for me. Old teachers never die…they just keep watching the back-to-school ads because they know this is the best time of year to replenish office supplies. On 8/8/2010, I posted the following: Now is the time to stock up on three-prong pocket folders cheap cheap cheap! I always watch the back-to-school sales and buy my limit. They’re perfect for organizing research notes, writing tips, market listings, and the thousand and one other things writers seem to hoard.  Stick a blank address label on the outside and specify the contents. Where to keep them? Visit your nearest Michaels or Hobby Lobby and look for sales on those pretty shoebox-size storage boxes. Put the cover on the bottom and stand the folders inside.

  • Speaking of shoebox storage, I try to hit the 5/$10 sales and bring them home to use in the study closet. They keep the shelves uncluttered, and I can find what I want without searching for half an hour!

  • Visit the Dollar Tree for these fantastic calendars. They are perfect for a notebook, but I generally keep mine attached to my desk with those stickies that come off without removing the finish. I removed the calendar from the one on the right and replaced it with a weekly planner sheet. Using the monthly calendar on the left, I schedule each day within the planner on the right, including the names of the blogs I’m posting on M-W-F. A third calendar is my blog calendar and stays in the notebook which holds my very life! I try to schedule a month’s worth of blogs at one sitting and stay ahead writing them if at all possible. A fourth calendar is my “travel” calendar to plan trips, keep track of when I made reservations, what I paid, etc. If I were really on the ball--and someday I will be--someday--I’d have a marketing calendar to track promotions, payments, and so on. Since I don’t do a lot of that (and I should!), I can see the calendar coming in handy.

  • I repurposed two closet shoe holders for my desk. They hold all those things I need to be able to reach at a moment’s notice--rolodex, tape, stapler, hole punch, stamps, pencil sharpener--and much more.

  • The Dollar Tree also has these handy little organizers which fit right on my shoe-holder-shelves and keep them looking tidy.

I’d love for you to share your organizational tips with me and pass along mine to anyone who might find them useful!

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