Sunday, August 20, 2017

It's your turn...and don't you forget it!

President Ronald Reagan proclaimed Senior Citizens Day way back in 1988. As a young sprout of 44, I didn’t even notice!

Industries built around seniors…

Today there are multiple industries built around the burgeoning senior population: nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and retirement communities come to mind. Of course, there are AARP and AMAC (my choice) offering everything from insurance to travel discounts.

Discounts for seniors abound…

Scroll past the restaurant list already posted at the link above and find businesses which offer discounts to seniors.
Find the criteria for senior rates at many hotels.
Also, several theater chains offer reduced prices to seniors. Check the rates posted at the box office before asking for a ticket.

Being a ‘senior’ doesn’t equate with being ‘old’

Maybe you can’t move as fast…or indulge in certain foods without consequences. Maybe you don’t see or hear as well as you did. Just remember your IQ didn’t suddenly plummet to equate your age in years. You are older. Experienced. Wiser. Even wily and cunning.
Don’t let anyone doubt it!

Maybe you have to politely set straight some young twit who can’t even count change without a register--or a condescending sales person who insists on calling you ‘honey’ or ‘dear’.  Maybe you even have to say “Buzz off” to an adult child who thinks he can now tell you what to do or criticize how you choose to do things. Maybe you have to set limits for family who think you now have no life and should be available for whatever whenever!
Do it!

·        Wear those jeans and t-shirts with slogans.
·        Try that new restaurant.
·        Take that trip.
·        Say ‘no’ without guilt when you don’t want to do something.
·        Go to bed early if you want to, and when your body decides it’s had enough sleep, get up and make popcorn!
·        Take your vitamins.
·        Get enough exercise--which doesn’t mean a marathon at the gym unless you really enjoy it.
·        Have a picnic.
·        Take a day trip.
·        Browse the library and the mall without looking at your watch.
·        Don’t be intimidated by doctors who are convinced you either have or will have dementia sooner than later. (There’s money in that!)
·        Ask the nurse who calls you ‘Baby’ which nursing school taught her it was okay to disrespect anyone over 50.
·        Take care of your business and plan ahead. Don’t leave tomorrow to chance. Make those choices before you have to make them!

In other words…do what you like…when you like…
because you’ve paid your dues in this life.

It’s your turn--and don’t you forget it!

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