Monday, July 24, 2017

Three sites you can't afford to ignore!

I’m using my blog today to share a three of the promotions which landed in my email inbox this week.. One is FREE, and the other is a purchase.

Melanie Rockett
Marketing and Promotion for Authors and Publishers
is offering a updated FREE PDF of her book How to Get More Book Reviews.  Visit her here to get the PDF and learn more about her services. I just downloaded the offer and hope to learn something new. It’s been frustrating to have people accept free copies of my books with the agreement to review (good or bad) and then receive no review. I can see evidence of sales, too, but no corresponding reviews. Since reviews are often the defining criteria for acceptance to promote on a particular site, they’re important! So--I’m anxious to find out what I’ve been doing wrong and what I can do right!

Sandra Beckwith
emailed me about something called BC Stack which is offering “a bundle of 65 digital products and services, includes my top-selling product, Build Book Buzz Publicity Forms & Templates”. Check it out here. I’ve browsed the products but am still considering the expenditure. However, considering the collection would cost a small fortune if purchased separately, it seems to be worthwhile.

the site I use to create promotional material
has new web banner, Facebook covers, and Kindle book cover templates which you should check out if you’re in the market for such. There are FREE and PAID components at the site, but it’s easy to use and has been very useful for me.


Just a reminder--this is the last week for “Aloha, Arizona”, the July FREE READ at my website. A new story will go up soon!  Just click the tab for “I’ll tell you a story…” and enjoy a quick lunchtime read on a hot summer day. 

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Donna Alice said...

Story was fun read. Reminds me of my friend Kitty and me. I will check out the freebies.