Wednesday, July 5, 2017

The Sparkler in Your (Story) Mind

What sparks a story? I suppose it depends on the writer, but I can’t

drive down the street
 watch a movie/documentary
 read a newspaper/magazine article
 overhear a conversation
 listen to a song on the radio
 or fall asleep at night just thinking

without coming up with some idea for a new story. The bottom line is--I won’t live long enough to write all of them! (Which is why I started writing with the Small Person before she even started school--she’s going to carry on Mimi’s legacy!)

Keeping a notebook handy is always a good idea. I like to people-watch while I eat out or wait for a connecting flight. I always come back from a trip almost anywhere with two or three sparklers fizzing in my mind. Small towns are gold mines!

Sometimes the story you intended to write turns into something entirely different, but that’s okay.

But if you’re really stuck, let me recommend a marvelous website called StoryADay where at least twice a year you can participate in a month-long writing challenge with brilliant prompts free for the asking. If you sign up, you’ll receive a free “creativity bundle” which includes pages on which to jot down the ideas or “story sparks” which pop into your mind and file them away for future use.

Meanwhile, writers write…and write…and write…and then rewrite…and then…well, you know how it goes…and for all sorts of reasons.

Why do you write?
Where do you get your ideas?

What would you say to someone who says, “I think I’d like to be a writer”?

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