Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Good news, bad news, fake news, no does a body survive?

Once upon a time…

news was something we sat down to watch at 5:30 (national and world) and 6:00 (local). Now it bombards us all day long. Tweets. FB posts. Breaking news alerts on our phones. Televisions blaring in restaurants and coffee shops.

These days…

news is mostly opinion, “analysis”, argument, and a thinly-disguised “pass” for being nasty to/about anyone who doesn’t agree with the person running off at the mouth.

So what does one do?

For sure, we can’t live in a vacuum. We need to know what’s going on in the world, but the news doesn’t tell us. If we get a few facts here and there, it comes with a blatant attempt to tell us how to view those facts and what to think about them!

You already knew…

I didn’t have an answer to the conundrum when I started writing. My journalism teacher drummed into us the importance of facts--including the fact that a news story is far different from an editorial. Until (which might be never) those who bill themselves as journalists remember that one all-important fact, we won’t be getting any real news--good, bad, or indifferent.

All of which brings me to…

an idea which has been tickling the back of my brain for a couple of weeks: namely, an additional blog which will act as aspirin, acid-blocker, and calming potion for those of you who are, like me, le fed up. Perhaps some good news with a little inspiration thrown in here and there will go a long way to arming us for the battle against

Good news, bad news, fake news, no news

watch for an announcement here soon.  THE WORD PLACE will continue to be for all things writerly with links, tips, and occasional blatant self-promotion of a new book (I do try to keep that to a minimum). The new as yet unnamed blog may include more than the written word--that is, short videos from Windows Movie Maker and also my own attempts to “talk” an occasional blog rather than write it down, and perhaps invited guest bloggers who have something bright to share!

The classic Disney movie Pollyanna

featured a rather endearing character by the same name, who introduced the sad, grumpy people around her to  the “Glad Game” invented by her now deceased missionary father. Face it, folks--we need to get glad, which won’t make the bad go away but perhaps smooth its rough edges a bit.

Stay tuned!

Meanwhile, if you haven’t made it over to my website to read this month’s free story, there are a few days remaining before it’s replaced with a new one.
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