Friday, July 7, 2017

Chasing away the dreaded Summer Slump!

The Fourth of July is over, summer’s heating up in most places, and the thought of “vacation” is either past, coming up, or simply non-existent. It’s the dreaded Summer Slump! And if you’re a writer, that can segue into fall…and winter…and spring…

As usual, I’ve had my grandchildren several days a week this summer. They’re companionable little creatures, and we do “Mimi School” on a relaxed schedule. One keeps her nose in a book constantly! However, I found myself in the middle of rewrites/edits/more rewrites of a novel just as summer began, so I couldn’t afford to step away indefinitely--especially when this novel has been hanging around on my computer for something like four or five years!

So--onward! I just printed out ($$forthelasttime$$) a rewritten x 4/edited x 3 ms of The Legacy of Diamond Springs, a romantic suspense with no fewer than TWO love stories, an historic setting, a cast of baddies bent on revenge, and long-buried family secrets literally oozing up from the grave. This is no time to stop. Also, I’m trying to keep up my three-blog-a-week schedule.

So how does it all get done with munchkins underfoot and the temptation to say, “Hey, it’s summer--time for a vacation”?

So far as the blogs go, I plan then a month in advance from several sources:

2.      A list of past blogs to reprint or tweak
4.      Musings about, excerpts from, character sketches related to my own work
Once I have my blog calendar filled out, it’s simply a matter of writing--and, of course, doing any research related to the topics.

But I’ll admit the rewriting and editing is more difficult. Sometimes I pack up Penelope the Lappy or grab the purple notebook with the printed ms and take off for a place where I’m not distracted by real life. The local McD’s comes to mind--or a sandwich shop in town where you find lots of folks busy at work while they munch. Sometimes, if I can schedule it just right, I go “visit Al” at the Ohio Club downtown. There’s something about slipping into the cool, dim depths of Mr. Capone’s old hang-out which encourages slipping into the imaginary world of my story and its characters.

Kicking the Summer Slump to the curb and keeping it there requires determination, focus, a little imagination, and a lot of get-up-and-go.

How do you deal with your own Summer Slump?

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