Friday, June 2, 2017

Your Summer Writing Retreat CAN Happen!

On the road again…

As you read this blog, I've just completed a day trip to Mena AR some 83 miles up a back road. It wasn't not a writing retreat per se, but I checked out a couple of B&Bs for just that purpose sometime in the near future.
Meanwhile, I’d recommend these two articles to help plan your own writing retreat. I don’t write, you say? Well, take along a notebook and do some journaling. Write some real letters. Oh, all right, take your laptop and shoot off some emails. And for those of you who do write…

Plan your own writing retreat today!

·        From the February 2017 issue of The Writer Magazine:
“Introducing the DIY Writing Retreat”
for groups or independent retreats, including a packing list!
My recommendation: Woodsprings Suites (formerly ValuePlace) in a location offering the opportunity for burn-out breaks. For the price of two nights at a regular hotel, you get a small, clean, quiet room with desk, bath, and kitchenette for a week. No frills--but you’re not there to be pampered but rather to write write write!
·        From the June 201 issue of The Writer Magazine:
“Take a Writing Vacation”
Includes tips for writing at the seaside, in the wilderness, in the city, and from home
Plus prompts and reading lists
My recommendation: If a big vacation isn’t in the budget, think about a cabin at a state park, a couple of nights at a B&B, or a daily visit, say for a week, to the nearest fast-food establishment where you’re sure to find a quiet corner after the lunch rush.

Be creative!

The possibilities for your own writing retreat, “mini-“ or “extended” are limited only by your imagination. Get on the computer and find out what’s available--be in a coffee shop, a state park, a city park, a B&B in the next town, or an extended-stay hotel like Woodspring Suites. (I’ve never been disappointed, but do look for recent reviews!) 

Wherever you go and for whatever purpose, don’t forget:

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