Friday, June 9, 2017

My top 5 writing distractions and how I boot them!

What distracts me from writing?

1.      The internet
2.      The call of household chores
3.      (Necessary) errands
4.      Rewriting as I go
5.      Not having a clear idea of where the WIP is going

The internet solutions

1.      Schedule social media and don’t deviate.
2.      Use Buffer to schedule tweets
3.      Write all three blogs, post, and schedule at the same time
4.      Stay OFF Facebook (except for author page). I’ve already made my exit and freed up tons of time--and I don’t miss the drama!

The household chore solutions

1.      Have a routine and tweak it as necessary
2.      Schedule big chores (general housecleaning) for one day a week--be flexible
3.      Pick up as you go--leave your desk clean and ready for the next day
4.      Remember your home is your castle--not your prison!

The “necessary” errands solutions

1.      Schedule as much in one day (preferably half a day) as possible. Make the miles count.
2.      “Necessary” is the key word. What will wait?
3.      Include a writing lunch a couple of days a week. Have laptop, will travel.

The rewriting as I go solutions

1.      Don’t do it! Remember--first drafts stink! You can stand the stench until you get it all down and then clean it up!
2.      If you’re a pantser rather than a plotter, take a break when you get bogged down. Sit and “commune” with your characters, and then go back to work.

The not having a clear idea of where the WIP is going solutions

1.      Making a few notes doesn’t ruin your reputation as a “pantser”.
2.      Don’t get bogged down in plotting to the point of being inflexible. Be willing to change horses midstream.
3.      Remember--you’re supposed to be enjoying this!

The best advice:  Take a break! 

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