Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Making New Year's Resolutions in June!

Summers bring the (joyful) task of helping out with the Small Person (soon to be 10) and the Wee Bear Cub (just turned 7). I’ve never wanted them in daycare during the summers, so I’ve always planned for them to be with me several days a week while they’re out of school. This summer will be no exception. I scheduled two days a week--Mondays and Tuesdays--but this coming week, the first week, I’ll have them Wednesday-Friday because their babysitter has prior commitments. The following week is Vacation Bible School, and in order for them to attend as they do every summer, this summer I’ll need to pick them up at noon all 5 days. So--that’s what I’m going to do.
What am I NOT going to do? Here’s the hopeful list:
1.      Neglect writing. The paper edits of The Legacy of Diamond Springs are in progress. After corrections and some major rewriting, which I didn’t anticipate, I’ll have to do it all over again! But the goal is for the novel to be publication-ready at the end of the summer.
2.      Fail to journal daily. There are three parts to each daily entry: free writing/writing prompt/the day’s reality (insights, etc.)
3.      Give up walking a mile + a day at the fitness center. This will be difficult on the days I have the girls, but hopefully I’ll have enough energy to race up the road after they’re picked up for the day and do my mile!
4.      Plan fall traveling. This is an easy task because I enjoy it. Half the fun is getting there!
5.      Fail to keep tweaking closets, panty, files, etc. as needed.  I’ve reached the age where clearing up and clearing out is not just a goal but a necessity. A few years ago I did a major overhaul of my house--but it takes regular maintenance to keep the pack rat in me from taking over!
We’ll revisit this subject again on the day school starts--and, hopefully, call it a complete success!

What are you NOT going to do this month/summer?

If you’re looking for something to DO, may I suggest

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