Sunday, June 4, 2017

Is a writing challenge worth the effort?

The end of StoryADay for May 2017

Our last assignment as StoryADay participants is to write a blog post or journal entry detailing what we’ve learned about ourselves as writers during the challenge this month--and to use the positives in other writing projects. So--what have I learned?

Benefits of participating in a writing challenge

(1)For starters, while not all the prompts appealed to me, I found it possible to cobble together at least 500 words which can be tweaked later and turned into a story to my taste.
(2)A second benefit came from sticking to the commitment I’d made to write daily. Did I do it? Yes and no. One of the caveats was that we could take weekends off if necessary, so I decided to do that because I take care of my obligatory three blogs on Saturdays and Sundays. However, I ended up taking only one weekend “off”--that’s two stories I can go back and pick up at a later date if I want to. Ending up with twenty-nine stories--or at least, the bare bones of stories--is no small accomplishment.
(3)Finally, despite the fact I was deep in edits for The Legacy of Diamond Springs, scheduling time for both worked out most days. While I’m not finished with said edits, they’re coming along. Now that StoryADay for May 2017 is complete, I’ll give my full attention to the novel in progress now and have that completed within the next five days--barring a literary catastrophe!
I first heard of StoryADay in September 2016 and gave it a try but dropped out after ten stories. But ten stories are ten stories, so it wasn’t a waste of time and whetted my appetite to try again, this time obviously with more success.

NaNoWriMo is coming up in November!

Another great challenge is NaNoWriMo--National Novel Writing Month when begins at the stroke of midnight on November 1 and ends at the same time thirty days later. The goal is to write 50K words during the month of November. Having participated several years and “won” all but one time, I’d also recommend giving this challenge a try also.

BICHOK--Backside in chair, hands on keyboard

We’ve all heard before that writing daily is good discipline, and indeed it is. Real life, of course, interferes from time to time, and it’s important not to let guilt creep in and rob one of a feeling of accomplishment. The more I write, the less I’m inclined to dance with the guilt of skipping a day, even a week. The important thing is to write as often and as much as possible. Otherwise, nothing gets done.

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