Friday, May 12, 2017

Summer Journaling Journey

This summer, as in past ones, I’ll have my granddaughters with me several days a week. We’ve done different versions of “Mimi School”, and this year will be yet another.
First of all, the Small Person is my author-in-training. She wants to write and does pound out stories in pencil and on the purple computer I bought for her use. Our lofty goal this summer is to complete something which can go to CreateSpace and become a printed copy for her to hold in her hands. There’s no greater inspiration for future endeavors!
Journaling will also be on the menu. The SP has journaled before. I’ve never read it because I told her it was private. Occasionally she wanted me to read something she’d written, but otherwise it’s remained closed to everyone but here. There’s room left, so I want her to complete it.
The Wee Bear Cub is finishing first grade and can now read and write well enough to participate in the activity. She’s not a writer in the same sense as her sister, but we’ll see what we can do.
My thought is to take them to the library once a week, put them at a table with their journals, and have them think or dream or people-watch, making notes of their thought processes for five minutes. (The kitchen timer will go with us.) Later, they can turn their notes into a brief narrative.
Perhaps we’ll go to the park with a topic in mind, and some brainstorming can take place. Maybe a trip to their favorite of favorites, Chik-Fil-a, will allow one or two minutes of jotting down ideas. Even listening to a story (and it’s way past time for the WBC to hear more from the 1939 Child Craft volumes) can paint a mental picture which can then be translated into words. Finally, I’ve been collecting a series of DVDs about America History geared to children, and we’ll be watching one a day. By the end of the summer, I’d like to progress to summarizing in the journals. That’s a lofty ambition, but it might happen.
In today’s world of electronics and television, children don’t do as much thinking as they should. I want two bright little minds to do more than stare at a screen. Wish me luck!

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