Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Reviewing "The Writer" magazine

Writing magazines--don’t dismiss them!

Magazine Review:  The Writer (May 2017)

Several years ago I subscribed to three or four writing magazines. One went belly-up.  I can’t even remember its name, only that a story I submitted to a contest won an honorable mention. Another was simply too literary for my tastes. Okay, so maybe I was just too dumb to appreciate it. Anyway, I ended up dropping all the subscriptions for one reason or another. Then, about a year ago, The Writer offered a deal I couldn’t pass up, so now I’m a subscriber again!

Indie publishers salvation

Since I’ve dipped a toe in indie publishing while still keeping my hand in the traditional route with several publishers, I found the latest issue, with a detailed feature article on self-publishing, a worthwhile read.  I’d have enjoyed it even more if it had cropped up at the time when I was having to learn everything about indie publishing on my own, spending hours formatting and re-formatting, and pulling my hair (figuratively) over the entire process. But for those of you new to the game, you might want to track down this issue and spend some time with it.

If you’re still just thinking about indie publishing, you’ll at least want to read “Going Rogue” (pp 16-19) which may help you decide if self-publishing is the right road for you to expend effort navigating.

Regular features to check out

In addition, the magazine has regular features including 3 or 4 pages (usually) of markets for your work. You’ll also see ads for and sometimes articles on various writing conferences around the country. And best of all, there’s an (illustrated) writing prompt to get your creative juices flowing.

All in all, I give it five stars for being a relevant, well put together monthly magazine. Obviously it’s cheaper to subscribe than to purchase the issues separately at a bookstore or newsstand. But even better is to check whether or not it’s on the periodical racks at your local library. If not, ask why and suggest it.

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