Sunday, May 28, 2017

Pennies in My Piggy Bank

StoryADay for May 2017 is almost over. Except for the one weekend I took off--which is permissible as participants set their own rules--I’ve cobbled together a story everyday. Are they finished pieces? By means! But they ARE a starting point for same. They’re horses in my stable. Pennies in my piggy bank. Cookies in the cookie jar. Bones in the trunk waiting to be strung together into a skeleton--and then fleshed out.
So what do I see as the big advantages of StoryADay?
·        Commitment to write daily. Even if I haven’t signed a vow in blood, I’ve promised myself to do it--and so I do.
·        A break from slogging though developing a novel with its numerous rewrites and edits. Several of the stories could spin into longer works, but the option for a finished work of 2,500+ words is motivating.
·        No word count limit. I’ve struggled with cutting stories down or fleshing out stories to satisfy a word count--and it’s always difficult to add to something viewed as complete--and especially to discard a scene or some dialogue.
·        A folder full of more than just ideas. All the stories have possibilities, some more than others. It’s like finding a package of ground beef in the freezer on a cold stormy day--the options are limitless.
What advice do I have for writers or those testing the writing waters if you decide to try this challenge next time around? (I think it will be back in September.)
·        Find your comfort level and set your own rules. If you need to take weekends off, twenty stories are better than none.
·        Make a firm commitment to yourself. I want to write. I will write. I won’t stress over how much I write or when.
·        If you don’t think you can write from a particular prompt, tweak it so that you can.
·        Keep a list of all the prompts for future reference.
·        Save your stories CAREFULLY in their own folder. Back them up!
·        Don’t get discouraged if “real life” interferes with your writing schedule. Life happens. Make it up, or let it go.
Meanwhile, watch “I’ll Tell You a Story” at my website for a new story coming June 1. Even though I didn’t get into the StoryADay Challenge in 2016, I still ended up with ten stories which I’m editing and sharing now.
And, above all…remember...

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