Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Journals I Have Known..but not too well!

Monday’s topic was journaling, so today I thought I’d show you all the journals I’ve collected over the years. I’m a pushover for a blank page with a cute cover--but I’m not necessarily reliable about filling said blank pages.  But that doesn’t mean things can’t change…


This shabby little volume, however, found its way into my hands sometime around 1953. It is not blank. A Five-Year Diary was popular in those days. While I didn’t keep it for five years, I did make entries for two. You won’t find any scandals or even story ideas within its pages, but it’s a reminder to me of a kinder, gentler time, when children had time for such things.

Friday:  A Journey in Journaling for the Small Person and the Wee Bear Cub this summer.

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