Monday, May 1, 2017

Everybody needs a challenge!

Take the Challenge!

Today begins the Story-a-Day Challenge for May 2017. These challenges happen a couple of times a year, I believe. I signed up to receive story prompts in September, but for some reason (which escapes me now), I got side-tracked. However, I did churn out 8-10 stories which have come in handy for posting in “I’ll Tell You a Story”, the new page on my revised website. In fact, since it’s the beginning of a new month, a new story is UP as of today.

What IS StoryADay?

But I digress. I think perhaps I just happened on the site in September and didn’t actually sign up. This time I did and received a wonderful  “creativity bundle” which includes
·        Two mini-workshops (The Creative Challenge Workbook and the Keep Writing Workbook)
·        Printable Writing Log
·        Printable Story Spark Catcher
·        4 page StoryADay Coloring Book
·        And, there’s this neat little quiz to tell you your Story Telling Super Power!

Okay, maybe I didn’t really need the coloring book (although I can see myself coloring through a flight to some unknown destination one of these days!), but I printed everything out, made a notebook dedicated to this writing challenge, and have already stared using the “spark catcher”--a clever little chart which helps you brainstorm and save three ideas a day. These aren’t necessarily story ideas but rather tidbits which might end up in a story one way or the other.

Anticipating Day 1

As I write this Monday blog on Saturday night,  I've checked off everything on the checklist provided to help you get ready. and I’m anxiously awaiting the Day 1 story prompt.The prompts are always thought-provoking and non-restrictive. There’s no word count (large or small), only the gentle caution to write everyday, not “someday”, and finish finish finish. Also, you have the option of setting your own schedule--taking weekends off if your life dictates some non-writing days.

There’s also a community board where you’ll want to post in the “Victory Dance” section when you complete your stories.

What’s in It for YOU?

All in all, it’s a win-win situation for writers at all levels. Whether you write 31 or 15 stories in May, you have a nice cache of tweakable prose for submitting or posting. What’s not to love.

It’s not too late--go to the website and sign on the dotted line. You’re not signing your life away but rather making a commitment to something which will enrich your life as a writer. Get going!

(And don’t forget this month’s new FREE READ at my website!)

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