Friday, May 5, 2017

A once-a-year offer!

Although I no longer subscribe to Writer’s Digest, I make it a point every year to pick up a couple of their special issues, especially Writer’s Yearbook. It contains, among other things
·        Best 100 Book & Magazine Markets for Writers
Divided by category: book publishers, magazines (by subject matter)
·        The Top 10 Websites for Writers
The 2016 issue which is on my desk as I write, offers these must-read articles:
·        2015: The Year in Review (Jane Friedman)
Get an expert’s take on the latest developments in the book and magazine industries--and how those trends bode for your writing in the year ahead.
·        Top 10 Publishing Insiders (and Outsiders) to Follow Online (Jane Friedman)
(Quick note: I’ve followed Jane Friedman’s articles, tips, etc. . online for years and have found them very worthwhile reading--and credible.)

There are other articles, of course, aimed at those with particular writing needs Freelancers will want to read
·        Get Scam Savvy (Tiana Bodine)
·        Don’t Pitch--Write! (Susan Shapiro)
·        Pitch Perfect (Zachary Petit)
·        Small Scale, Big Rewards (Don Vaughan)
Writers looking at traditional or indie publishing should definitely look at
·        From Concept to Cover: Your Guide to Book Design (Grace Dobush)
·        Knights of the Debut Roundtable (Zachary Petit)
·        Top 10 Publishing Insiders (and Outsiders) to Follow Online (Jane Friedman)
For $6.99, Writer’s Yearbook 2016 offers top value. As I suggested yesterday, check out the periodical section of your local library if you don’t wish to purchase.

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