Sunday, April 23, 2017

Taking chances

So yesterday was Take a Chance Day.  It was also Lovers’ Day. Are the two related? Or shall I just pick one and go from there?

All kinds of chances

There’s a song called “Taking a Chance on Love”.  And that’s the typical romance, isn’t it?
Boy meets girl.
Boy falls in love with girl.
Boy loses girl.
Boy finds girl again.
And they lived happily ever after.

Then there’s the famous “Chance of a lifetime”--a steal on a car, a house, a fur, a diamond--all those things you’d love to have.
Or the more prudent, “Leave nothing to chance” advice.
And, of course, “It’s your last chance!” as an ultimatum or a marketing ploy.
When you read romantic suspense, how much of a chance do you like you characters to take on their lives and on each other? I tend to lean toward writing character somewhat realistically--that is, they’re not gamblers!
What’s behind the locked door?
Who’s lurking in the secret tunnel?
Who is the murderer’s next victim?
Can I really trust him/her?
And they lived happily ever after.

Would you take a chance?

I’ve read some wild characters taking chances no reasonable human being would take. The plotline is exciting, and the action doesn’t lag. But at the end of the book you have to wonder again, “What kinds of idiots would do that? Which is why I try to make my characters credible but hopefully not boring.

Characters you can believe

Lenore Seldon almost lost the great love of her life because she was afraid to take a chance.
Where Is Papa’s Shining Star?
Annie Ashley took a chance and regretted it.
Finding Papa’s Shining Star
Jean Kingston gave love a second chance, and it changed her life.
The Showboat Affair
Celeste Riley believed a blue velvet dress would bring her the chance of a lifetime.
Dancing with Velvet
Penelope Pembroke’s curiosity led her to take too many chances--even for Sam the mystery man.
The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series
Trixie Collier Blake thought she might find a chance to live again in her old hometown.
The Dreamland Series
Tom Morgan knew he was the only chance his family had to survive.
Four Summer Days
Ruthann Cooper wasn’t looking for a second chance at love--but she found that and more.
Ruthann’s War
Susanna Kingsley had to chance forgiveness in order to live again.
Susanna’s Secret
Gail Callaway’s chance meeting with a stranger on the deck of the showboat turned her life around.
The Showboat Reunion

Take a chance to learn more about these women
 and the chances they took 
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