Wednesday, April 5, 2017

A Look at the Characters for The Legacy of Diamond Springs

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Several years ago, I wrote a novel for a specific publisher theme call-out, submitted but then withdrew it. It’s been sitting on my computer ever since. Recently, I decided it was time to do some rewriting, mainly because I repented killing off a particular character and wanted him to live and love another day.
So today’s blog is a character list/short profile. Comments and questions welcome.

Torr Whittaker, mid-30s, never married, investigative reporter for Behind the Story magazine which is not a tabloid

Jewel Ainsleigh, under 25, part-time English teacher at Ainsleigh College founded by her great-great-grandfather on the site of Diamond Springs Plantation as a means to pay taxes on the land after the Civil War; fiancé died in a military training accident a few weeks before the wedding

Dr. Barrett Ainsleigh, early 50s, Jewel’s father and current president of Ainsleigh College, separated from younger wife Andrea, returned to take reins of college under pressure from his late father

Andrea Ainsleigh, age  45, married Barrett, bore him a daughter, left to start her own cosmetics company when Jewel was three, rumored to have had an affair with her brother-in-law Alistair

Cordelia Wainwright, early 50s, widowed, no children, descendant of former slaves on Diamond Springs Plantation, M.A. business administration, studied at Le Cordon Bleu in Paris, publisher of A Chef’s Eye View magazine, head of food services at Ainsleigh College where she also teaches specialized courses; returned to Diamond Springs to help raise Jewel after her mother left--and because she and Barrett fell in love as teenagers but were unable to pursue a relationship in the racially-charged atmosphere of Mississippi in 1950

Alistair Ainsleigh, Barrett’s older brother, divorced, successful businessman in Atlanta

Geoffrey Ainsleigh, age 30, Barrett’s scam-baiting son who has stalked and terrorized Jewel since childhood

Chief Larry McClure, Diamond Springs police chief, divorced, has always been a big brother to Jewel, not even close to the hick cop he likes to portray--a force to be reckoned with

Dr. Edward Collins, chemistry professor and local ghost hunter

Torr’s editor sends him to Diamond Springs on a credible tip about a mysterious blue diamond--which no one will acknowledge--and finds himself in the middle of family secrets and murder.

I’m considering a series featuring Torr Whittaker, but I’ve got to get this first story written first! Which character do you think I killed off to begin with? Which one(s) do you suggest I kill off now?

Also, I’m finding it difficult to find a particular POV--any suggestions? Chapter 1 will be available for review on Friday.

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