Wednesday, March 15, 2017

What's wrong with your world?

Today is Everything You Think Is Wrong Day. One could interpret that a couple of ways: (1) Everything about the day goes wrong. (2) What are all the things you think are wrong with…(insert person, place, thing, or idea). There’s already too much negativity floating around out there, but I’m going with number 2 anyway.

Everything I think is wrong with the world today.

Let’s face it--the world’s a mess. But I can’t fix the world. I can only fix my world.

So what’s wrong with my world?

Not much, come to think of it.
I have everything I need--maybe not everything I want, but I probably don’t need it anyway.
Since retiring with the idea that grandchildren weren’t in the picture for me, I’ve acquired five. The two boys are special needs children (Down Syndrome, Angelman Syndrome), but they were born to parents who can cope and have a grandmother who spent many years in special education and knows small steps are great victories.
Also since retiring, I’ve realized my dream of becoming a published author: eight traditionally-published novels and novellas, several short stories, and a number of independently published works.
With no real responsibilities, I can pack my bag and go wherever the road leads…with a little bit of wise budgeting.
My health is great for my age.

What I’d like to change

The messy world in which my grandchildren are growing up.
But I can’t change anything except how I live in the world--so I pray that I can leave them all a legacy of faith, integrity, and the will to survive--and give them that example while I’m still here

And on that note…

Visit my website and live vicariously in the worlds my characters inhabit:
…and learn how they survive with

 They’re imperfect people like all of us, but somehow they manage to find joy in an imperfect world.

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