Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Twiddling the toes...

Oh, please. I don’t need a National Goof Off Day. I can do that every day with no apology or excuse. Hey, I’m retired!

How do I do it? Let me count the ways!

I don’t have television service--and won’t have it in my house, but someone told me about Amazon Prime and…do you have any idea how many great FREE documentaries, movies, and old sit-coms are available there?
Happy Hour for me is a large diet Coke with vanilla at Sonic. Can you guess how long I can make that beverage last when I’m playing Solitaire or Gin Rummy on my Kindle?
Our local mall doesn’t seem to be thriving--it’s practically empty on weekdays--but I can spend a couple of unhassled--and unproductive--hours browsing stores on one of my rare trips out there.
Warm sunny days draw me to a local park, usually with a fish filet sandwich from the nearby McDonald’s. I can kill an hour there easy.
Arriving at the airport 2-3 hours early is another way to kill time without anything to show for it--but I don’t want to miss a plane in case security is having a bad day and wants to examine the soles of my socks!
For a while after retiring, I didn’t touch my piano more than a few times a year--in contrast to the time spent when I was actually playing for a church pretty regularly and needed to plan and practice. But lately I can sit down and poof! An hour’s vanished.
Finally, there’s social media, namely Facebook--which I tell myself I only stay on to keep in touch with friends I don’t see often and to promote--via my author page--my books. Do I need to ask if you can guess what a five-minute check-in can become?

What I should be doing instead…

That’s easy.
                                             …well, you get the picture.
And most days I’m pretty good at staying focused. Other days not so much. And today-well, hey, it’s National Goof-off Day, so Sonic’s calling. Have Kindle, will answer.

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