Tuesday, March 28, 2017

Take control--or not--your decision

Tomorrow is I Am In Control Day…hmmmm. In control of what?

What’s control for writers?

·        Making time to write
·        Staying focused during that time
·        Meeting your word count goal (if you set one)
·        Resisting the temptation to edit as you go
·        Deciding you have a sudden attack of ‘writer’s block’ and giving it up altogether

Making time to write

Life happens, but you know when there is a block of time available. It’s not selfish to be unavailable to others except in emergency situations.

Staying focused

Facebook won’t shut down if you’re not online. Emails don’t disappear if they remain unread for a few hours. And if you won the lottery, that, too, will keep!

Meeting your word count goal

Make it reasonable--probable--doable. If you say you’re going to write 500 words, they’ll get written--and you’ll probably wind up with three or four times as many because you’re on a roll!

Resisting the temptation to edit as you go

Everybody knows a first draft stinks. Let it. Just get the words down and fix them later. You can either fix or finish.

Allowing writer’s block to give you an excuse to quit

I know it happens…but keep writing, even if what you put down doesn’t make sense…again, you can “fix” it later.

Other things writers have to juggle/control

·        Schedule blogs (like this one!)  Spend a buck at the Dollar Tree and jot down your ideas in PENCIL--shuffle them around as necessary.
·        Queries and submissions--I think the old saying about a thousand mile journey beginning with the first step is applicable here.
·        Edits and galleys--make yourself popular with your editor by meeting your deadline! She has deadlines, too.
·        Formatting and publishing (in the case of indie authors)--at which point writer’s block seems like the sniffles compared to a raging case of the flu. If you keep at it, it’ll get done. If you don’t, it won’t. You have total control.
·        Marketing and promotion--which make you feel totally out of control, helpless, frustrated, and ready to shove it. Take a deep breath and remember it doesn’t all have to be done yesterday.

We’ve all been there-done that. Actually, writers are pretty lucky because their chosen path is a solitary one for the most part. Just about all we have to take control of is ourselves.

And that’s the hardest thing we’ll ever do in this life! But if you take control of just one thing on March 30, shout it to the world and give yourself a hug. March 31 will be here soon enough…

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