Friday, March 17, 2017

One day ends...another never does

After today’s parades end, the speeches are given, the corn beef and cabbage eaten, the glasses lifted, St. Patrick’s Day will be over for another year. But some things don’t stop:

  • the police officers who put on their uniforms and hope they get home at the end of their shifts
  • the firemen who wait for the alarm to sound and hope it doesn’t
  • the soldiers, sailors, and Marines who’ll wake up today and for days to come far from home and loved ones and often in harm’s way
  • the first responders who hope they can get their patient to the ER in time to save his life
  • the medical staff whose shifts are long, stressful, and sometimes fraught with danger
  • the mothers and fathers who give up their own leisure for the benefit of their children and those who deal with ill or special needs sons and daughters
  • the husbands who forego a golf game to lend a hand at home
  • the priests, ministers, and rabbis who go where they’re called even if they’d like to stay where they are
  • the teachers who know they’ll be tossed under the bus for the least unintended infraction but who stay in their classrooms anyway
  • the honest politicians who know their moral stands will bring them nothing but criticism and may cost them the next election
  • the grandparents who planned to make dreams come true in retirement but are not raising a second family of grandchildren
  • all the people who consciously give up their individual desires for the welfare of the many—history is full of them. I'm sharing one whose story touched me recently.

Every March 18 is Supreme Sacrifice Day. If you don’t have to make regular sacrifices, say thank you to someone who does—and remember them when you’re tempted to gripe about your own petty concerns.

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