Friday, February 10, 2017

When the light bulb goes on...

The question

How many times have you needed a book cover image, blurb, link, tagline, headshot, etc. for a posting on social media, a blog, or because someone asked for it? How much time have you spent searching various folders for each of the above-mentioned items? If you haven’t spent any time at all, I congratulate you. If you have…

The reaction

Well, I was turning into a perpetual search engine and often coming up empty. I got darn tired of it, let me tell you. Then…duh!...the lightbulb!

The answer

So now on my desktop I have this lovely little folder called Sales Copy. Inside are subfolders, to wit:
·        Ads (created, of course, with Canva)
·        Bios
·        Book trailer pictures
·        Brand graphic (Get hooked on a good clean read!)
·        Headshots
·        One-sheets
·        PDFs (of books)
·        Pinterest (book-related)
·        Press releases
·        Stats, links, taglines, blurbs, excerpts
Stats include book length, ASIN, ISBN, links to Amazon, links to publisher, taglines, brief book blurb usually taken from back cover, and several selected excerpts to ‘hook’ potential readers.
·        Each book has its own folder with covers and extra specific info.
·        Optional: a few lines from those 4 and 5-star reviews!

The bottom line

While it takes a while to create such a folder, it’s worth its weight in gold--which for me is time, my most precious commodity. Like anything else, the folder needs to be updated regularly, but that’s only a small investment of time. It pays off in the long run--and why I didn’t do it sooner, I have no idea!

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