Monday, February 20, 2017

Website Woes--Is is worth it?

You gotta have one…

So “they” say a website is a MUST for an author. Okay, I’ve got that, and I’ve got a website. Unfortunately, websites must be maintained, and there’s the rub…

Lying Links

Deciding to give mine a new, fresh look while I updated information, I toiled early and late this week. Am I finished? Not yet. A major glitch occurred when I discovered none of the links were working. Do you know how much I HATE making links? Especially twice in one day.

Who am I?

The “About Me” page was another problem. “Let people get to know you,” is the advice of most website gurus. Okay, they can get to know me--but I’m not adding all the recommended, boring credentials--nor am I tooting the proverbial horn. Hey--look at my home page. I write for the joy of writing, and I do hope I write what people like to read. (They buy my books anyway.) That’s enough.


There are a few more pages which need to be added--mainly the video trailer page-but I need to make two new trailers and re-make trailers I paid to have done but want to freshen up.

Free is good..

But the page I really hope you’ll visit--like NOW--is I’ll tell you a story. Every week or two, I’ll be putting up a new short story. It’s FREE, and there’s even a handy little button for your feedback. Can’t beat those perks! This week’s story is called Meadowland. It’s the story of a young woman who comes face to face with the realization that her mother’s past is a complete mystery to her. Because it’s her own past, too, she feels she has to delve deeper… So hope on over to Someday Is Here and do some delving yourself!

So Someday IS Here

Actually, I kind of enjoy working on my website. It’s a creative outlet, and I feel so smug when I learn to do something new. But it’s one of those things I put off until there’s no longer a valid excuse to delay. I’m on a roll now, as they say, so it’ll get done…someday.

Visit me at Someday Is Here.

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