Friday, February 3, 2017

Too many tips to take in!

Deluged with advice

Do-it-yourself addicts, dieters, cooks, decorators, and travelers (just to mention a few) find themselves with more advice than they can possibly use. Writers are no exception. If you’re a writer, you want to run screaming from the tidal wave of “how-to” flooding your inbox and abounding on social media.

I plead guilty to being at least a drop of water in said tidal wave. I tweet links to these articles and also post them on my Facebook author page. Why? Well,, because writers—myself included—are always looking for that pot of gold at the end of the rainbow: sales, sales, and more sales. If someone points out the path, why not follow it and see what happens?

What works for one…

But all advice is not equal. It may be very good advice—just not for everyone. The key is emerging from the tidal wave to sift through the sand. A trillion worth taking to the bank...or rather to heart as you tackle the never-ending task of marketing and promotion for your independently-published or traditionally-published babies.

The basics

These work: a blog, a website, an author page on Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter (@BigChiefTablet). But social media is a many-headed monster, so those four are just the tip of the iceberg. However, they’re the ones I’ve chosen to run with because multi-tasking can become overwhelming.
My schedule looks something like this:
         M-W-F blog
         M-W-F post four scheduled tweets using Buffer—one about my blog and 3 others with links to—what else?--writing tips.
         M – post the four tweet links to my Facebook author page.
         Every two weeks—update website.
         Play with Pinterest when I have time.
         Make promotional “ads” using Canva at a scheduled time and save for later use.

Does it work?

Well, as “they” say, the proof is in the pudding. My independently published cozy mystery series went viral without any promotion at all. Other books have limped along despite prodigious marketing efforts.  So who knows?
Some weeks I maintain a regular schedule better than other weeks. I’ve learned not to beat myself up when I miss a blog day (although missing too many isn’t a good idea) or don’t do something which could actually be termed promotion. It’s like anything else—when you stumble, keep going.

So what’s new with me these days?

I didn’t plan two new releases almost back to back, but it worked out that way. Ruthann’s War, my 5th book with The Wild Rose Press, and The Showboat Reunion, my 2nd ‘short’ for Solstice Publishing, released without a month of each other. What author doesn’t enjoy writing more than marketing? Unfortunately, it has to be done.

World War II has ended, but now Ruthann faces a fight for her future with a man she never meant to love.

 Two people whose chances slipped away...can they find a second chance with each other?

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