Wednesday, February 1, 2017

A chance encounter...a second chance...

My first dinner cruise on the lovely Branson Belle inspired a full-length novel, The Showboat Affair, published in 2011 by The Wild Rose Press under the pseudonym Gwyneth Greer. But the Belle finished. Two more lonely souls would meet and fall in love on her magical decks. Now, The Showboat Reunion, a “short” is offered by Solstice Publishing.

Col. Sid “Bull” Bullington (USMC, ret.) is twenty-five years and two lifetimes older than Gail Callaway, While his struggle is carefully masked, hers is obvious—the cane she uses because of a worsening congenital neuromuscular disorder. His gut tells him to back off, but her childlike joy and simple trust in the goodness of others draws him into a relationship he knows they may both regret. When her unscrupulous brother complicates the mix, Sid feels he has no choice but to back off. Then on 9-11, the country and everyone in it is forever changed. For the first time, Sid wants to fight the demons of war and move on. Does he dare ask Gail to do battle with him?

He stopped in the shadows of the hotel portico and covered her hand resting on his arm. It felt warm beneath his fingers--and very fragile. “Gail, I’ve got a lot of baggage.”
She didn’t react, at least not visibly. “I was sure you did.”
How did you know?”
When Rick wrote about you, he used words like driven and haunted.” She looked up at him. “He also said he wouldn’t want to go anywhere without you. So it never crossed my mind I wouldn’t be safe with you, baggage and all.”
Maybe if you knew what I was packing, you’d feel differently.”
I don’t think so. Thank you for these past two days. When I came to Branson, I never dreamed I’d find anyone to enjoy it with. You’ve been sort of a miracle.”
That’s a new one.”
It’s true. I hope...”

I’ll be in touch,” he promised. “I mean that.” He leaned down and put his lips against her forehead. “I really mean that, Gail.” 

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