Sunday, December 18, 2016

For Sale: One Mimi. Cheap.

 I wrote this blog in 2009 when I only had the Small Person. Now there are FIVE!

In the news today, the story of a 10-year-old girl in Essex who listed her grandmother on Ebay for $3500 because she was "annoying". There were 27 bids, but regulations forbid listing human merchandise, so the lady has been withdrawn.
I wonder what I might fetch? I don't think I'm annoying, at least I try not to be. Hmmmm.

One Mimi, slightly used, still in good condition

         loves to read aloud

         believes in rocking babies

         sings oldies but goodies

      knows where the best sing-along videos on u-tube are located

 bakes cookies

        likes to remember "the olden days" when she was young
         able to teach simply embroidery that she learned from her own grandmother--on tea towels made from flour sacks
         has doll complete with wardrobe that she would love to play with again if she had a playmate

         doesn't spend time watching soap operas--would rather spend time watching little faces
       politically conservative--believes in disciplining children
                                   believes children WANT to know their limits
        has soft lap
         has big box of old costume jewelry for little girls to use playing "dress-up"
                            can give basic piano lessons
         likes to build garages from shoe boxes for little boys' cars and trucks
                                   loves Disney movies--never tires of seeing them over and over           
                     believes in fairy tales

          thinks every child should be a child, unhurried to grow up
          has set of 1939 Child Craft with stories and poems found nowhere else in the world
          is looking for set of "Dick and Jane" books for teaching reading--when those were used, kids learned to read!
          doesn't mind sticky fingers and welcomes sticky kisses
          listens well
          reminds children to say Please, Thank You, and Excuse Me
          says No and means it
          would love to be part of a child's life forever or as long as possible 

 I work cheap. Give me a hug, and I'm content.

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