Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Starring the B-17 Flying Fortress

Continuing to focus on the B-17 Flying Fortress, here’s a list of books, movies, and a song you may find entertaining:


Ghosts of the Skies:  Aviation in the Second World War
Phillip Makanna

B-17 Fortress at War
Roger A. Freeman

One Last Look: A Sentimental Journal to the Eighth Air Force Heavy Bomber Bases of WW II in England
Philip Kaplan and Rex Alan Smith


Twelve O’Clock High (Gregory Peck, Dean Jagger
 Command Decision (Clark Gable)

Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo (Spencer Tracy)

A Song You Won’t Forget

"Comin' in on a Wing and a Prayer"

Additional Documentary

B-17 YouTube Documentary

Addendum to Monday's Blog
Statistics can vary, depending on the source. Monday I used the number 46,000+ as the tragic death toll of daylight bombing. I’ve stumbled on another number arrived at by the statistic that over 5000 bombers were lost. With a crew of 10 each, the number rises to 50-55,000.

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