Wednesday, October 5, 2016

By jove, I've got it! Maybe.

I’ve got it!
Social Media, that is.

Social media can be totally overwhelming. One attends a writers’ conference and hears, “Get on everything to get exposure.” So one comes home and joins Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, LinkedIn, Instagram. . .ad infinitum. . .or in my case, ad nauseum. Perhaps some quick bright minds can keep up with all these venues, but I can’t. While old dogs can learn new tricks, old dogs have to decide which new tricks are really worth learning. After all, the end goal is tasty kibble--not a trip to the vet!

I’m the old dog who balked and started burying the bones of social media venues never to be dug up again. Retiring to my cozy doghouse (aka the study), I took a long hard look at all the sites I’d joined, including writers’ sites for sharing, critiquing, etc., and realized I never visited most of them, much less participated and engaged on them. Out they went. One click put me in, and one click took me out.

Then I looked at what was left and asked myself, “What do I really enjoy? What can I use to its fullest potential?” More clicks, and the list dwindled once again. Finally, I was left with the following:
·        Twitter
·        Website
·        The Word Place Blog
·        LinkedIn--although that’s on the fringes--No, I didn’t forget the link!

All that was left was to hone the schedule for making use of these venues, so I came up with the following, which works for me:
·        4-5 days a week I schedule 4-5 ‘tweets’ via Buffer, mostly sharing links to good writing information found online.
·        At the same time, I paste the link on my FB author page.
·        Barring catastrophe (or real life), I blog Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and add a ‘tweet’ link and an author page link to said blog post. Sometimes I use the blog for shameless self-promotion for a new/old release. Sometimes I promote another author. Mostly I try to write for general interest and include useful links for other authors.
·        If I think I have written a ‘star’ blog (or at least one of general interest), I post it on LinkedIn. This does not happen regularly or very often.
·        At least once every couple of weeks, I try to update my website with information on new and old books, graphics made on Canva or PicMonkey, and anything else I think viewers might find interesting or useful.
What it all boils down to is this--and I’ve said it so often as to become repetitious:
When writing ceases to be fun,
writing ceases.
If I were younger, oh, yes, I’d love to pursue writing as a career and support myself with same. But I’m retired, a grandmother five times over who suffers from periodic wanderlust and packs up her lappy for a day or a week and gets the heck out of Dodge! Sometimes I just like to sit in my comfy recliner and watch a movie or read a book.
So if I’ve spoken to any soul sisters out there, let me hear from you--how you organize your life on social media to assuage your promotional/marketing conscience and still remain sane!

Coming on Friday!
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