Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Word Place Blog Is. . .

After Wednesday, you all know I love lists! So here’s another:

5 Words to Describe My Blog

1.      Helpful
I try not to write many blogs from which a reader can’t take away a thing or two. And while every good author-blogger sneaks in a little subtle promo, I try to confine my sneakiness to the end, so you can skip if you want to!

2.      Writing-related
Most folks who drop by The Word Place are connected in some way to writing, so most of the links I post and information I share is writing-related. Writing, publishing, marketing--all of the information connects the many dots of the writing maze we’ve chosen to navigate.

3.      “Linky”
Links are handy. And let’s face it, copying and pasting someone else’s hard-churned out text, even with credit, is a no-no--but every writer loves being linked back to! Love those links!

4.      Non-political
You won’t find anything remotely political on my blog for the simple reason that my views are mine and yours are yours, and sometimes ne’er the twain shall meet. In a civilized society, that’s how things work.  I have in the past posted opinion pieces on various social issues, and I may post again, but I’m not playing the political game here or anywhere else (including FB). Come November, we’ll all go to the polls and vote our consciences, and then maybe we can move on!

5.      Inoffensive
That doesn’t mean you might not disagree with one of the aforementioned social issue posts I write on occasion. It means I don’t deliberately write to be offensive: I won’t call names or use foul language. Being offended has become the new national pastime. I don’t play that game either, and I’m counting on intelligent blog readers who also have better things to do. 

What words would YOU use to describe my blog--or your own?
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