Sunday, September 25, 2016

THE List!

No, the list of lists is NOT exhausted--although the book I’m going to tell you about may be the exhaustive list!
It’s called Master Lists for Writers: Thesauruses, Plots, Character Traits, and More by Bryn Donovan.
After peeking at the Table of Contents and scrolling through the chapters, you’ll waste no time in getting over to Amazon and clicking the ‘buy’ button

Part 1:  Descriptions
·        Descriptions of Facial Expressions
·        Descriptions of Gestures and Body Language
·        Physical Descriptions
·        Emotional Descriptions
Part 2:  Settings
Part 3:  Plotting
Part 4:  Action
Part 5: Dialogue
Part 6:  Character Names
Part 7:  Character Traits
One More Very Important List
·        10 Reasons Why You Should Write That Story
Now--each of the above parts are further broken down into almost every category you can imagine--I didn’t include the category headings for Parts 2-7, but rest assured, in 270 pages, Bryn Donovan covers it all.
The book is FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited and quite reasonably priced if you don’t. It also has a print edition, and although I have it as an eBook, I’m going to purchase it in print so it’s easier to thumb through and mark up as I need.
I don’t know the author and purchased the book for Kindle, so this plug is unsolicited and, of course, unremunerated! But know this: although I gladly host guest authors here at The Word Place and allow them to publicize their books, I don’t personally write about books unless I feel I can recommend them wholeheartedly.
Have I read every word in this book? Of course not! It’s a reference book to be read/used as needed. But I’ve looked at every page and already know it’s going to sit right next to my dictionary, thesaurus, and book of names from which I create my characters.
It has a 4+ star rating with 172 reviews, 157 of which are positive. (And the negative ones look like sour grapes to me! You can’t please everyone!)

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