Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cozy mysteries are best kept cozy!

Recommended Cozy Mysteries--not a blush in the bunch!

I love mysteries, but I don’t love having to scroll through graphic "love" scenes which interrupt the flow of the plot. It’s almost as if the author is thinking, “Oh, wait, I’d better stop here and write a hot love scene, or my readers won’t keep reading.” Au contraire. Some of us are interesting in “action” of another sort!
Here’s a list of books I can vouch for. They’re all available at Amazon and certainly worth a look.

Blanche Day Manos
               The Darcy and Flora Cozy Mystery Series
Grave Heritage
Best Left Buried
The Cemetery Club
Grave Shift
               The Ned McNeill Series (more to come)
                              Moonlight Can Be Murder

Lorena McCourtney
               The Ivy Malone Series
Go, Ivy, Go!
In Plain Sight
On the Run
               Ms McCourtney has SO MANY books that I’ve linked to her Amazon Central Page so you can see what’s available. The Ivy Malone Series is one of my favorites!

And I’m doing some shameless (well, maybe a little shameful) promotion here for The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series by yours truly. They sold beyond my wildest imagination! You can buy them separately or as a boxed set.
               The Bogus Biker
               The Stubborn Schoolhouse Spirit
               The Feed Store Floozy
               The Possum Hollow Hullabaloo
               The Larcenous Legacy
               Sam’s Last Stand

All the books are available at

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