Sunday, September 11, 2016

Careful with those quotes!

I’m often tempted to use quotes or references to quotes in my writing, but I try to be very careful about not trespassing on copyrighted material. If it’s a song, I check the List of Public Domain Music. Even then, I tread carefully. Probably the only tome you can quote and be totally certain you won’t get sued is the King James Bible!
Fair Use can also be shaky ground. Whether it’s four words or fourteen, you just have to be careful. We have become an extremely litigious society, and when dollar signs flash, the danger doubles. I’m sure there are plenty of accidental infringements which have never been pursued. My philosophy, however, is that it’s not worth the risk.
I ran across this article recently and am sharing it here for all other authors who are concerned about dipping their toes in troubled waters.
The above link will take you to the website The Book Designer: Practical Advice to Help Build Better Books. The article is a guest post by Helen Sedwick. It’s a must read! And visit the site regularly for more great advice!

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