Monday, September 19, 2016

Adventures in Wrting I

If I won the lottery--which will be difficult to do since I never buy a ticket!--I’d make my home in a fully-equipped RV and travel the continental United States with one solitary companion: my laptop, Penelope. Alas, I am reduced to planning trips throughout the fall and spring, holing up at home in the dead of winter. Even so, planning and executing said trips is an adventure.
In one month less three days, I’m headed for one of my favorite places: Eureka Springs, nestled in the Ozarks of Arkansas and a 5 hour trip via winding road. A few special excursions await already reserved--and a few hover on the ‘maybe’ list--but for the most part, I plan to tuck Penelope in my backpack, hop the trolley, and spend some leisurely days at outside tables of various cafes and coffee shops engaged in three favorite pastimes: writing, people-watching, and listening to the street musicians who often populate the byways.

  (Warning: Unfortunately there are a couple of nasty comments on this video--bad-mannered folks!)

That’s where you’ll find me on Monday of Adventure Week 1 for 2016. But on Tuesday I’ll board the Eureka Springs & North Arkansas Railway for an excursion which includes a box lunch. I also love the rail excursion in Branson, MO, and the one in Van Buren, AR, though the latter eases its way across some very, very high trestles which took my breath away!

On Wednesday I’m booked on the Belle of the Ozarks cruise, a short twelve-mile cruise on Beaver Lake.
My sons drug me through every commercially operated cavern in Texas when they were growing up, but I enjoyed them, too. Now, of course, I have to look for ease of access as I’m really not up for steep climbs in humid conditions. So the ‘maybe’ list includes Onyx Cave which promises “easy access” on a 30-minute self-guided tour.
Somehow I’ve always missed seeing Thorn Crown Chapel and Christ of the Ozarks (except the view from the Crescent Hotel). So these two are musts this time around. I love rocking on the back gallery of the Crescent, known as the most haunted hotel in America. The ghost tour is worth the time and ticket. When I took it, the docent was friendly and knowledgeable, and while I didn’t see any ghosts (and didn’t expect to), I came away with a terrific idea or a story--which may or may not get written one of these days!
 And I never fail to stop in at St. Elizabeth of Hungary, an historic church nestled just below the Crescent, with a lovely interior and a beautiful stroll through the Stations of the Cross. 
Mostly, though, Penelope and I plan to set up shop in downtown Eureka Springs and enjoy the atmosphere--and, hopefully, be creative!

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