Thursday, September 29, 2016

Cozy mysteries are best kept cozy!

Recommended Cozy Mysteries--not a blush in the bunch!

I love mysteries, but I don’t love having to scroll through graphic "love" scenes which interrupt the flow of the plot. It’s almost as if the author is thinking, “Oh, wait, I’d better stop here and write a hot love scene, or my readers won’t keep reading.” Au contraire. Some of us are interesting in “action” of another sort!
Here’s a list of books I can vouch for. They’re all available at Amazon and certainly worth a look.

Blanche Day Manos
               The Darcy and Flora Cozy Mystery Series
Grave Heritage
Best Left Buried
The Cemetery Club
Grave Shift
               The Ned McNeill Series (more to come)
                              Moonlight Can Be Murder

Lorena McCourtney
               The Ivy Malone Series
Go, Ivy, Go!
In Plain Sight
On the Run
               Ms McCourtney has SO MANY books that I’ve linked to her Amazon Central Page so you can see what’s available. The Ivy Malone Series is one of my favorites!

And I’m doing some shameless (well, maybe a little shameful) promotion here for The Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series by yours truly. They sold beyond my wildest imagination! You can buy them separately or as a boxed set.
               The Bogus Biker
               The Stubborn Schoolhouse Spirit
               The Feed Store Floozy
               The Possum Hollow Hullabaloo
               The Larcenous Legacy
               Sam’s Last Stand

All the books are available at

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

One more list. . .

Continuing with the LIST theme…

Start clicking for fantastic ideas for your next blog or that short story, novella, or novel you’ve been thinking of writing!

Ten links X 20 ideas = 200 tips. The odds are good you’ll get some useable ones, so click away. Share your links for others who visit The Word Place! 

Taking a quick trip soon? Need a quick read for that flight or layover at the airport? 

Look no further. . .  Here's a good clean (realistic!) read to leave you feeling inspired to make the most of your travels! 

Find it at!
 Free for Kindle Unlimited!
$1.99 regular price

   In a moment of loss and crushing despair, she struck a deceptive bargain with her husband to protect his name as he built his Texas empire. Years later, when he was gone in a hail of bullets, it came back to haunt her in ways she never imagined. 

   Now she must strip away the hatred which has festered over a lifetime before it destroys her. But will the truth, reborn like the Phoenix, sever the carefully forged bonds between herself and her children? Susanna feels fenced in and ripe for slaughter like the longhorns beyond her window. 
   Damn you, Nathan Kingsley! Damn you for what you did! Damn you for dying and leaving me with the mess you made!

Sunday, September 25, 2016

THE List!

No, the list of lists is NOT exhausted--although the book I’m going to tell you about may be the exhaustive list!
It’s called Master Lists for Writers: Thesauruses, Plots, Character Traits, and More by Bryn Donovan.
After peeking at the Table of Contents and scrolling through the chapters, you’ll waste no time in getting over to Amazon and clicking the ‘buy’ button

Part 1:  Descriptions
·        Descriptions of Facial Expressions
·        Descriptions of Gestures and Body Language
·        Physical Descriptions
·        Emotional Descriptions
Part 2:  Settings
Part 3:  Plotting
Part 4:  Action
Part 5: Dialogue
Part 6:  Character Names
Part 7:  Character Traits
One More Very Important List
·        10 Reasons Why You Should Write That Story
Now--each of the above parts are further broken down into almost every category you can imagine--I didn’t include the category headings for Parts 2-7, but rest assured, in 270 pages, Bryn Donovan covers it all.
The book is FREE if you have Kindle Unlimited and quite reasonably priced if you don’t. It also has a print edition, and although I have it as an eBook, I’m going to purchase it in print so it’s easier to thumb through and mark up as I need.
I don’t know the author and purchased the book for Kindle, so this plug is unsolicited and, of course, unremunerated! But know this: although I gladly host guest authors here at The Word Place and allow them to publicize their books, I don’t personally write about books unless I feel I can recommend them wholeheartedly.
Have I read every word in this book? Of course not! It’s a reference book to be read/used as needed. But I’ve looked at every page and already know it’s going to sit right next to my dictionary, thesaurus, and book of names from which I create my characters.
It has a 4+ star rating with 172 reviews, 157 of which are positive. (And the negative ones look like sour grapes to me! You can’t please everyone!)

Look for some deals on the Penelope Pembroke Cozy Mystery Series 
starting in October. 

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Thursday, September 22, 2016

The Word Place Blog Is. . .

After Wednesday, you all know I love lists! So here’s another:

5 Words to Describe My Blog

1.      Helpful
I try not to write many blogs from which a reader can’t take away a thing or two. And while every good author-blogger sneaks in a little subtle promo, I try to confine my sneakiness to the end, so you can skip if you want to!

2.      Writing-related
Most folks who drop by The Word Place are connected in some way to writing, so most of the links I post and information I share is writing-related. Writing, publishing, marketing--all of the information connects the many dots of the writing maze we’ve chosen to navigate.

3.      “Linky”
Links are handy. And let’s face it, copying and pasting someone else’s hard-churned out text, even with credit, is a no-no--but every writer loves being linked back to! Love those links!

4.      Non-political
You won’t find anything remotely political on my blog for the simple reason that my views are mine and yours are yours, and sometimes ne’er the twain shall meet. In a civilized society, that’s how things work.  I have in the past posted opinion pieces on various social issues, and I may post again, but I’m not playing the political game here or anywhere else (including FB). Come November, we’ll all go to the polls and vote our consciences, and then maybe we can move on!

5.      Inoffensive
That doesn’t mean you might not disagree with one of the aforementioned social issue posts I write on occasion. It means I don’t deliberately write to be offensive: I won’t call names or use foul language. Being offended has become the new national pastime. I don’t play that game either, and I’m counting on intelligent blog readers who also have better things to do. 

What words would YOU use to describe my blog--or your own?
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