Sunday, August 14, 2016

While the Small Person and the Bear Cub go back to school. . .

It’s back-to-school day for the Small Person (grade 4) and the Wee Bear Cub (grade 1), and Mimi begins the year by going back to work in earnest. They are so good about entertaining themselves, although I spend with them throughout each day they chill with me, but the inevitable “Mimi, will you...Mimi, I’m hungry...Mimi I need a snuggle...” does tend to interrupt any project I might begin.
So now I sit, on a quiet, rainy afternoon, with my notebooks--blog schedules, to-do-lists, long-term planning both writing and personal-and know it will be done.
Just what is “it”?
Priority will be two edits: the first round for my newest novel, Ruthann’s War, has gone back to my editor at The Wild Rose Press; the second, for The Showboat Reunion, a newly-contracted “short” by Solstice Publishing, hasn’t yet begun. But as usual, all other projects must work around these edits whenever they come up in the editors’ queues. Edits have deadlines, and I like to beat them.
Meanwhile, I’m making a list of topics for non-fiction articles to research and write. One is already underway with some notes filed, others in the mail, and still others requested by email. I’ve put out “feelers” for folks with personal knowledge of yet another topic, received some responses, and hope to get more. The other articles are still just words and phrases on the list.
The blog calendar is filled in through Monday of the last day of August. Some changes may have to be made, depending on the collision of edits and research.
When I was in school and college, and later when I taught, going back to the classroom radiated a certain magic. The feeling lingers even today, whether out of habit or real enthusiasm for the tasks ahead. It’s good to have purpose and work to do, especially work I enjoy.
One of my long-term projects is to go through forty years of genealogical research and organize it finally and forever. Sifting census charts and family group sheets will make interesting work for the long, cold winter days when I’m grounded due to ice or just plain old nasty weather. I’ve signed up for six months of at a nice discount.
October premiers my travel season with a week in Eureka Springs and Branson, followed by a week in Fort Worth (Stockyards based!) in November, and historic Natchez, Mississippi, in December. Then I’ll hunker down until April when I’m off again--destination yet to be determined. In between, I have a list of day trips to enjoy in this area--various destinations in Little Rock, prowling revitalized downtowns in neighboring burgs, and, of course, the short drives to Lake Ouachita where I picnic, watch the waves lapping the shore, and write until the battery on my laptop gives up the ghost!
Meanwhile, I’ve thrown up my hands as far Facebook except for my author page--which I hope you’ll visit, like, and come away with information you can use. I’ll think about returning to my personal page after the political rhetoric has died away in November…if indeed it doesn’t gather steam after the election!
With this week’s flowers (pink carnations) gracing my desk, soothing classical tunes emanating from the CD player, and peppermint aromatherapy pervading the study, I’m ready for a new year!

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