Sunday, August 28, 2016

What makes you smile?

Blooming where I’m planted has been a challenge since retirement nine years ago. Oh, I love retirement--it’s the way to live! It’s where I live which has been irritating during that time.
I’m a city girl-I love the bright lights, shops, coffee houses, malls, museums, the symphony, and all the other opportunities not afforded by a gated retirement community. Quite simply, I didn’t like it here when I came, and I don’t like it here now.
But I like Arkansas with its shorter driving distances which gives access to a major airport and an abundance of historical sites and scenic state parks. Consequently, I stay happy and busy while I sift through my options for moving.
In 2008, when I first realized I could either bloom where I’m planted or sit around and sulk like a two-year-old, I blogged with a list of twenty-five things which made me happy at that time. Perhaps it’s a good time for an update!

25 Things That Make Me Smile

1.      My grandchildren (see Friday’s blog!)
2.      My re-carpeted, totally organized house
3.      Finally having found a church which nourishes my soul and spirit
4.      Planning three or four trips a year:  Coming up--Eureka Springs, the Stockyards at Fort Worth and Natchez
5.      Planning shorter hops, “day trips” usually for Mondays
6.      Sunshine
7.      Gentle all-day rains which make great writing days
8.      Strolling around an airport during layovers
9.      The wonderful library/library staff in town which provides so many opportunities
10.   Getting my hair cut and eyebrows waxed once a month
11.   Feeling like melted butter after a once-a-month massage
12.   Getting an early start in the mornings
13.   Sleeping in on Saturday morning
14.   Happy Hour at Sonic
15.   Shopping at the Dollar Tree
16.   Bringing home flowers for my desk
17.   Finding what I need at a thrift store
18.   Daffodils
19.   The hummingbird(s) which visits my feeder every year
20.   Learning to do something new on my computer, iPhone, or Kindle Fire
21.   Discovering something new about an old ancestor
22.   Watching documentaries and coming away with new knowledge
23.   Working in my cozy study (especially on a rainy day)
24.   Finally knowing where all my things are--and making it clear I’m not the dumping ground for other family members’ things
25.   Connecting with friends via phone, Skype, email, and in person

I could probably add another twenty-five, but these will do for now. What makes you smile? I’d love to know!

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