Friday, August 26, 2016

Post from the Past


The blog I had planned for today is on hold for a bit, so I trolled past blogs for this little "gem".  

In the news today, the story of a 10-year-old girl in Essex who listed her grandmother on Ebay for $3500 because she was "annoying". There were 27 bids, but regulations forbid listing human merchandise, so the lady has been withdrawn.

I wonder what I might fetch? I don't think I'm annoying, at least I try not to be. Hmmmm.

One Mimi, slightly used, still in good condition
  • loves to read aloud
  • believes in rocking babies
  • sings oldies but goodies
  • knows where the best sing-along videos on u-tube are located
  • bakes cookies
  • likes to remember "the olden days" when she was young
  • able to teach simply embroidery that she learned from her own grandmother--on tea towels made from flour sacks
  • has doll complete with wardrobe that she would love to play with again if she had a playmate
  • doesn't spend time watching soap operas--would rather spend time watching little faces
  • politically conservative--believes in disciplining children
  • believes children WANT to know their limits
  • has soft lap
  • has big box of old costume jewelry for little girls to use playing "dress-up"
  • can give basic piano lessons
  • likes to build garages from shoe boxes for little boys' cars and trucks
  • loves Disney movies--never tires of seeing them over and over
  • believes in fairy tales
  • thinks every child should be a child, unhurried to grow up
  • has set of 1939 Child Craft with stories and poems found nowhere else in the world
  • is looking for set of "Dick and Jane" books for teaching reading--when those were used, kids learned to read!
  • doesn't mind sticky fingers and welcomes sticky kisses
  • listens well
  •  reminds children to say Please, Thank You, and Excuse Me
  • says No and means it
  • would love to be part of a child's life forever or as long as possible
 I work cheap. Give me a hug, and I'm content.

2016 UPDATE:  I went from 0 to 5 in 8 years!

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