Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Mom's retird. . .so she doesn't have anything to do. Not.

It’s always fun to see photos of other writers’ creative places and read about their routines, so I thought I’d share mine today. No, it’s not all me-me-me-- bear with me though the first paragraph if you must. I promise you’ll find the usual links and ideas which may/may not be useful to the reader.

I’m a morning person, so once I’m up and dressed, bed made, any household chores done, and morning prayers/devotions attended to, I’m ready to boot up Penelope the Lappy and start my writing day. I have a system--sort of--which is flexible as circumstances dictate. But first I set the stage so to speak:
·        Blinds open
·        Aromatherapy on (favorite is peppermint or lavender)
·        CD player on--anything from classical to easy listening
·        Check daily calendar--do I have to get out today? What have I sworn to get done “in office”?
Then it’s time to get busy!

·        What can be deleted right off the bat (including cleaning out the spam folder)?
·        Is  anything screaming for an urgent reply?
·        Does a receipt or travel confirmation which needs printing?
·        Which online writing magazines in email have articles to which I can link on Twitter and on my Facebook Author Page?
Open Buffer and schedule daily tweets--four or five at intervals--and also paste same links on  FAP.
Open Canva and create today’s Literary History Moment and also the Thought for the Day which are both posted to the FAP.
Re-tweet/like/save links from others’ Twitter posts as appropriate.
Now to writing-related activities:
·        Is tomorrow a blog day (M-W-F)? Do I have the blog written/completed?
·        Is there a guest spot on a blog awaiting a completed interview, links, and cover art?
·        Has an editor sent a round of edits to be completed? (These, of course, take priority!)
·        Is there research to be done/notes taken/email requests for information?
·        Should I be doing any marketing-related activities such as creating quote visuals for posting?
·        Finally--is there a writing project in progress? Can I have some fun yet?
Writing-related housekeeping
·        Does “My Documents” need to be cleaned out? Saved articles read and deleted/sent to Kindle for future study/filed in folder designated for same?
·        Have I received a new batch of photos from Morgue File which need to be extracted/sorted/saved?
·        Does the website need updating?

By now it’s noon--or later--but on days I don’t have to throw this schedule to the wolves because of an appointment or necessary shopping (I do need milk and bread occasionally!), I’ve done a good days’ work and maybe more.

One of my grown sons is under the impression that “Mom’s retired. She doesn’t have anything to do.”

I can only shake my head and think, “Mom’s just getting started, buddy!”

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