Sunday, August 7, 2016

Announcing. . .

Today I’m happy to announce a new contract from Solstice Publishing for a 20K “short”, The Showboat Reunion. Set in and around Branson, Missouri, with the beginning and ending scenes taking place on the wonderful showboat, Branson Belle, it’s a May-December romance.
Thirty-one-year-old Gail Callaway, a paralegal with the Springfield law firm where her brother Alex is employed, has come to Branson for a holiday and perhaps in search of something more. Ten years earlier, her fiancé died in Afghanistan, and she’s never really moved on. Dealing with a form of congenital ataxia (an impaired ability to coordinate movement, often characterized by a staggering gait and postural imbalance), she relies on a cane and feels old before her time. 

Col. Sid “Bull” Bullington (USMC ret.), age fifty-six, deals with untreated PTSD from years of front-line action, including two tours in Viet Nam, as well as personal issues beginning in early childhood. He works as a consultant for an arms manufacturing company in St. Louis and has come to Branson in yet another attempt to escape the bleak reality of his life.

Their instant connection on the deck of the Branson Belle only grows stronger until Gail’s brother becomes involved and manages to break them up. Then 9-11 changes the country--and both their lives--and sends them in search of the missed opportunity for love.

The story was a fun write. I’m getting into shorts as opposed to novels these days. And I’m delighted Solstice gave it a shot. Watch for a cover reveal coming soon!

In other news, I’ve taken a sabbatical from my personal Facebook page. With the political rhetoric ramping up, and my determination not to engage in it myself, I decided it was time to step away. My author page is still up and active, however, so please visit it--like it--and look for great links to writing-related information.

With the Christmas season only a few month away, it’s not too soon to check out A Very Kate Christmas, and follow Kate Forrester from her beginnings as a foundling in a line shack on a Texas ranch and her magical century-long journey through life. Ten short stories of ten memorable Christmases are perfect for reading alone or aloud. Available on Amazon in print or for Kindle.  

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