Friday, July 29, 2016

Mitch in the Middle

   My amazing Macy. She beat a congenital heart condition which doctors warned would kill her before she was a year old. In the end, one stormy night on a rain-slick highway, I killed her instead. She was my life, my best friend, my hero. From the night it happened, I’ve always believed I should be dead, and maybe I am.
My name is Mitch Langley, and I’m an attorney specializing in real estate law. It wasn’t easy growing up with a father like Guy who had his hands in every dirty little pie that came along. I didn’t like him, but the night he told my mother he was glad she was dying of cancer, I started to hate him. He remarried when I was thirteen, but that didn’t last long. I still have a relationship with my former stepmother and stepsister though.
   I also keep in touch with Macy’s parents. Linc and Rose never blamed me for the accident. They said Macy had thirty happy years, a lot of them because of me. But I blame myself and always will.
   When Rudy James introduced me to an old high school classmate, I couldn’t believe I actually felt some interest in her. Trixie Blake is cute and feisty, but she’s also still grieving the loss of her husband in an aircraft accident. Ned was career Air Force. Like me, Trixie doesn’t even have a child to help keep the memories alive.
   Trixie needed a friend who’d been there-done that, and I have. So we’ve gotten to be a regular at Rudy’s place, the Twilight Bar and Grill. And I’ve gotten sucked into the on-going drama between my father and her over her refusal to sell the Quimby Building and move on. I don’t like to see anybody bullied, and she’s getting more than her share right now and doesn’t deserve it.
Dreamland used to be a nice little town, and some people think it still is. After I lost Macy, I didn’t care where I lived. One place was as good as another. But I’m beginning to wonder if this town isn’t worth salvaging. Rudy and some others want to try, and now Trixie’s dug in her heels, too.
   The Drummond sisters, who rent the downstairs of Trixie’s building swear Al Capone still haunts the upstairs—which is just where Trixie wants to put in a tea room and boutique. I don’t believe in ghosts, but I’ll admit there’s a lot going on I can’t explain. The police chief, Doug Everton, seems to have it in for Trixie and keeps telling her to get out of town. I’m beginning to wonder if that might be the best idea, at least for right now.

   But Trixie says she’s not going anywhere. So when she asked me about buying a gun and applying for a concealed carry license in Arkansas, I helped her do both. Against my better judgment, you understand, but I did it.
   I don’t know what’s going to happen next—but I’m betting it won’t be good.

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