Friday, July 15, 2016

Go-er or Stay-er?

The primary reason I have a laptop instead of a desktop computer is so I can take it with me wherever I go. Sometimes I actually travel for the purpose of writing--other times it’s just something I do while I’m traveling.

One of the best jaunts I ever made was to a cabin on a creek with NO internet! I was trying to complete two projects, so it was easy to schedule dedicated hours to both. Sometimes I drive to a nearby lake and write until the laptop battery dies. Sometimes I visit a local sandwich shop with deep easy chairs, put up my feet, and tap away. 

I’m always leary of flying with my laptop. Seeing it disappear into the scanner is a scary proposition. I’m not necessarily distrustful by nature, but let’s just say I hide my cash in several different places in my purse when it has to be out of my sight. One hears stories. . .

My favorite trips are by car, of course. Independent of all restrictions, I take what I like--packed as I like it--and never worry about getting where I’m going with all my possessions. At least once a year I visit the town where I went to college. Every morning I go down on the Square to the wonderful Jupiter House, a coffee shop extraordinaire. I claim my spot on a stool at a wooden table, order hot chocolate from a friendly barista who remembers me from year to year, soak up the energy surrounding me in the form of people of all ages and walks of life, and write undisturbed and undistracted for at least two hours. (That’s when I have to go move the car to comply with the parking restrictions downtown!)

Last April I got a sudden urge to go to Branson MO again, so I made reservations for several shows and other activities and took off. About five o’clock every afternoon, I returned to the hotel, gathered up my laptop and notes, and migrated to the indoor pool area. The atmosphere was good for a couple of hours of dedicated writing.

Last but not least, in November I spent about 10 days at the Writers Colony at Dairy Hollow in Eureka Springs AR. Talk about uninterrupted writing time! Turned out I was the only writer “in residence”--so I had no choice but to write!

The main thing I’ve learned by ‘writing on the go’ is that two hours of concentrated writing beats six of hit-and-miss composition. This summer I’m taking a short writing break except for blogging, but in October the lappy (Penelope by name--doesn’t everyone name their laptops?) and I will start traveling again. I’m already envisioning writing in new and different places.

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