Monday, June 27, 2016

So today's the day. . .

So today's the day!
Release Day for Susanna's Secret 
a 'summer short' from Solstice Publishing. . . 

It wasn’t so long ago that a writer-friend told me about the call from Solstice for ‘summer shorts’ around 15K words. “I know you have something somewhere,” she said. “Get it out.” So I did.
With the word count in the ballpark, I did some polishing and pruning and sent it off--and received the pleasant e-mail surprise that it had been accepted!
Then came the cover--and I loved it!
Then came the edits--about four of them.
Then came the proofs--about the same number.
Then came the selection of a release date and the inevitable marketing plan.
Now it’s all over but the shouting (and, hopefully, the purchasing!)
If you like a fast-paced story--a story dealing with real people in real situations but one that won’t make you blush (or, horror of horrors, delete and wish you hadn’t spent the $1.99!), Susanna’s Secret is for you. It’s set in nineteenth-century Texas, a family drama with what I believe is a surprising and satisfying ending. . .one of those ‘feel-good’ reads you can take on vacation, to the park, to a bubble bath, or a quiet coffee shop. . .and spend some good time considering what you might have done in Susanna’s place.
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