Tuesday, May 10, 2016

The Road to Success

First of all, what is ‘success’? Ten different people might define it ten different ways. Sometimes I’m totally turned off by the social media posts of fellow authors whose definitions are contrary to mine, and yet, I shouldn’t be.  The old saying “To each his own” is applicable here.

There is a road out here in this remote retirement area which winds and twists and on which I’ve been totally lost. But after riding with my d-i-l recently, I decided to take it on my own--and lo and behold, I made it home! Today I turned onto it again, and this thought flashed through my mind:

The road I don’t want to take is often the quickest and best route to get where I’m going.

There’s a lesson there, I think, at least for me. Too often in life I’ve backed away from the most difficult and daunting choices. I can say (without being ashamed) I was born (literally!) in another century, and what many younger authors take for granted, I’ve had to learn by the sweat of my brow. Just using a computer became a big accomplishment. Now I learn something new almost every day.

Right now the largest learning curve looming for me is the podcast--or, at least, a simple YouTube video of myself, hopefully sharing fascinating information! Well, sharing information anyway. An unopened microphone ordered from Amazon begs to see the light of day. All I have to do is take a pair of scissors, slit the packing tape, fold back the flaps of the box, and lift out the new contraption. Will  I do it today? Maybe. It would be a small step along the road to ‘success’ as I define it.

So how do I define ‘success’? For many years, as a young widow raising children alone, it was just getting through the day. Up in the morning, going to work, home in the evening to face dinner and the inevitable laundry and get ready for the next day. Having mellowed considerably in retirement, I find ‘success’ is something more joy-filled. 

It never occurred to me I’d really be a published author. Writing was a release from real life at best and a hobby at less. I’ve gone the traditional route as well as the indie pub route and enjoyed both. As a writer, the ‘success’ is in the doing: grabbing onto an idea from diverse sources, writing, re-writing, submitting, editing, proofing galleys, holding the actual book in my hands. Sales large or small figure in, of course.

Along the way I’ve had to go down some roads I really didn’t want to travel: researching, studying, trying and failing, trying again, making decisions about ‘putting myself out there’ or simply being a private person. I’m still on the road. End of story? Of course not! But it’s the end of my blog when I say that for me, ‘success’ is doing what I want and enjoying what I do.

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