Sunday, May 22, 2016

Social Media: Pain or Potential? Or, Why Twitter Is My Favorite Place to Be

So many forms of ‘social media’ out there:
and more popping up all the time

What’s a busy person (specifically an author) to do? I’ve heard speakers at writers’ conferences (see last Monday’s post) declare that the more you’re on the better. I don’t agree. One can’t do justice to them all. At least, I can’t.

I wouldn’t be on Facebook at all except for two motivating factors:
     My author page which does provide some ‘engagement’
     My personal page which allows me to keep up with friends from the far-distant past and whom I may never see again in this life
And, I regularly vow to vacate the premises at least once daily after seeing some of the sure-to-get-worse political posts. I don’t mind in the least being on opposite sides of the spectrum from someone, but I do mind hateful, hurtful, uncivil declarations. I finally got rid of those too fond of the F-word and some others, and I’m getting rid of these folks, too. Life is too short. . .

Pinterest is fun. It’s a lovely way to spent a leisurely hour or two. . .or three or four. Like anything, time spent there needs to be monitored and reined in occasionally.

But now the point of this post: Twitter--and why it’s the form of social media I like best and find most helpful. For one thing, 140 characters limits what one can say--and too many people these days need those limits. I try to follow the rule of only one personal post to four or five generic ones, mostly geared toward other writers. And, I try to do a lot of re-tweeting and “liking” in support of other writers.

I usually visit Twitter on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, when I post my blog topic, and then I spend some time cruising around. Hardly a day goes by that I don’t receive from one to three notices that someone new has followed me on Twitter. I always check them out and usually (but not always) follow them back. If we don’t share a common interest, I generally hit ‘delete’. I know, I know, the more followers the better some say. . .but I’m not convinced.

I follow many links on Twitter and find great writing tips, marketing ideas, and books to add to my wish list. In other words, Twitter is worth my time. . .and my time is my most valuable asset.

Tomorrow I’ll be posting some fantastic ‘Twitter Tips’ gleaned from around the web. Come back to see if any of them work for you!

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