Tuesday, March 8, 2016

What dastardly circumstances distract you?

Writers need time and solitude to do their thing, but sometimes both are in short supply. Being retired and living alone, I should have both in abundance. But I don’t. Sometimes it still surprises me to find I have as little time--and sometimes less--than I had when I was working full time! Or perhaps I just made better use of my time, who knows?

However, distractions are never far away, and here are the BIG FIVE which plague me most:

  • Keeping the email inbox cleaned out, which includes reading almost everything before discarding.

  • Scheduling social media posts, keeping website updated, research for blogs.

  • Keeping “My Documents” organized with articles I’ve chosen to save for future reference.

  • The necessity of running errands--groceries do have to be bought occasionally!--and appointments must be kept to keep me personally maintained (dentist, hair, etc.)

  • Waiting on scheduled home maintenance appointments--heating and air checks, plumber, electrician, gas delivery. Just knowing I’m going to be interrupted at some point for the duration of the “visit” is disquieting.

Can I do something about any of these annoying interruptions? Probably--but I never think of solutions until it’s too late to implement them!
After I retired, I made the decision to keep to a schedule--going to bed and getting up at about the same time every day, doing household chores “along” rather than having a cyclonic day of housecleaning and laundry as was necessary when I worked five days a week. I removed the word “hurry” from my vocabulary, and  I usually do exactly what I want to do when I want to do it.
Most of these resolutions could be labeled successful, I suppose. But real life creeps in whether you’re working or not, and it just has to be dealt with. 

Maybe the secret is in how I deal. 
Something to think about anyway!

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