Thursday, March 3, 2016

Mad, Marvelous, Magnificent March!

Most people know the month of March got its name from the Roman god Mars, sometimes known as the God of War. Also, not many people fail to associate the month with St. Patrick (17th) and the fateful Ides of March (15th) when Julius Caesar met his match in 44 B.C. But there are many important days (or maybe not!) in March. 

Today, March 4, is Hug-a-GI Day--and certainly we owe more than we can ever repay to those who “gave all their tomorrows for our today”. And while you’re at it, hug a cop today, too, because they’re out there every hour of every day putting their lives on the line for ours. In other words--see a uniform today and show some honest love and respect! 

And, of course, all good Texans know that on March 2, 1836, 59 men picked up the pen at Washington-on-the-Brazos and signed the document declaring Texas to be an independent nation, free from Mexican rule. 

How many of you remember singing the Johnny Appleseed “grace” before meals? The Lord is good to me, and so I thank the Lord. . .for giving me the things I need. . .the sun and the rain and the apple seed. . .The Lord is good to me! John Chapman aka Johnny Appleseed has a special day on March 11 as well as on his birthday which was September 26, 1774. 

The first day of spring arrives this year on March 20. Before that, like it or not, we “spring forward” and begin Daylight Savings Time!

Did you know (1) The Star Spangled Banner only became our national anthem on March 3, 1931 while Herbert Hoover was President? (2) It was written during the War of 1812, not the Revolutionary War as many people think. 


How about National Goof-off Day on March 22? Sounds good to me!

Finally, March 26 is Make Your Own Holiday Day. What would you celebrate?


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