Tuesday, February 2, 2016

So what IS 'creative romance'?

In yesterday’s blog on a few fascinating February facts, I mentioned the month had also been designated as “Creative Romance Month”. Then I asked, tongue in cheek,  “What’s ‘creative romance’? Do I really want to know? Probably not, so moving right along. . .”

But in all seriousness, writing is a creative process, so of course, the romance genre is also creative. And who knew there are so many different kinds, or subgenres, of the romance novel? I turned first to The Wild Rose Press since this outstanding publisher gave me my first contract--as well as three more!--and I have one “out” for consideration now.

They break down their romantic novels, novellas, and shorts into these categories:
      Contemporary western
Dark paranormal
(You’ll find other sub-sub genres here also like some mentioned below.)

An article at Writing World adds these categories:
Time Travel
Young adult

For a comprehensive list try Romantic Subgenres.

So how does one actually write romance? There are plenty of books out there,but I stumbled on this concise article which, if you’re a beginner, might be useful.

Disclaimer:  Now I’m going to shamelessly self-promote, so you can stop reading here. . .OR. . .if you’re in the market for a good romance, one of these titles might actually rattle your cage!

My favorite flavor is “vintage”, especially anything set in and around the Great Depression and World War II. Cozy mystery and romantic suspense, however, are also right up there.


Contemporary (under the pen name of Gwyneth Greer)

Cozy Mystery (The Penelope Pembroke Series)

Romantic Suspense  (The Dreamland Series)

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