Thursday, February 18, 2016

Every little bit. . .er, tip. . .counts!

Free eBooks abound on almost any subject you can think of, but writers are most interested in freebies having to do with writing. Most of the time, the eBook is the dangling carrot at the end of a stick leading to agreeing to receive a regular newsletter. I have a folder full of PDFs (obviously not all free) on all facets of writing, publishing, and marketing. The bonus is being able to send them to my Kindle for save storage and leisurely reading--because who wants to print out anywhere from 35 to 135 pages? Ink is expensive!

Several years ago I subscribed to Sandra Beckwith’s site, Build Book Buzz: Do it yourself book marketing tips, tools, tactics, and I’d recommend it highly. When you subscribe, you’ll receive a nice list: Top 5 Free Book Promotion Resources.

Today I read one of Sandra’s books which had been on my Kindle for a while: Get Your Book in the News: How to Write a Press Release That Announces Your Book. I’ve written several successful press releases to announce my own books, but I picked up a tip or two or three from Sandra. I figure there’s always room for improvement! She also has a second book available: Build Book Buzz Publicity Forms & Templates
Most recently I signed up for the 365 Daily Book Marketing Tips series. Each day I receive a new tip in my email. I copy and paste in a document to keep for future reference. Will I be able to use all 365? Of course, not. Book marketing is specific to the book and author, so I’ll eventually pare down the list to those tips I can realistically put into practice.  

A visit to her website is time well-spent. You’re bound to come away with more than one idea.

And, of course, every little bit. . .er, tip. . .helps a struggling author!

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